Uber Driver: Rideshare Driving Jobs Guide

How to Become a Uber Driver

Applying to become an Uber driver is simple!

Simply enter some information into their online application to get started.

Pro Tip:

Don’t have a car?

Still love the flexibility and opportunity of ridesharing?

You’re in luck!

Breeze will rent you a 2015 Prius to help you get started.

They’ll even help you apply for jobs through on-demand services such as Uber, Lyft, Postmates, TaskRabbit, Washio and more!

For more information on this groundbreaking service, check out our in-depth coverage of Breeze:  Uber Financing.

Note: If you plan to utilize the Breeze program to rent a car then don’t apply to Lyft or Uber until they instruct you to do so.

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