Lyft Collaborates with Starbucks

Do you love using rideshare for your morning commute?

…And a little java to put some pep in your step while you get going for the day?


You’re in luck!

Lyft is rolling out a collaboration with Starbucks.

This program will provide rewards to Lyft drivers, Lyft passengers, and even Starbucks employees.

Example perks include:

Earn free coffee and snacks via My Starbucks Rewards Program by racking up stars.

You can earn stars just for taking a Lyft ride!

Give the gift of coffee to your Lyft driver right through the app.

Now that’s some Lyft love!

Lyft drivers can achieve automatic Starbucks Gold status, which allows them to earn in-store perks.

They can also earn stars for giving rides.

Why Starbucks?

Starbucks is a company that cares about its impact on its communities and the environment.

Lyft views themselves as an equally community friendly company, therefore a collaboration is a perfect fit.

There’s more…

Lyft is also announcing a program that will provide free rides to and from work for Starbucks baristas.

How’s that for teamwork?

This program is still in the works, but if you’d like to be informed when it becomes available in your area, you can enter your information here:

Scroll through the fun social media blurbs below to see examples of how Lyft and Starbucks have come together to provide a memorable experience to many of their mutual customers.


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