Uber Financing: Breeze Car Rental & Vehicles Guide


Uber Financing is a Breeze

Uber Financing to drive for on-demand services like Uber or Lyft are in high-demand.

Now is the perfect time to jump in!

Get a nice car and make up to $35 hour working full-time or part-time.

If you don’t have a car, don’t worry!

Breeze is a company that works with people looking to make money by driving.

They will rent you a vehicle so that you can use it to make money through various on-demand services.

Basically, it’s affordable Uber financing (or Lyft financing, etc.) with Breeze Car Rental service.

Breeze Car Rental: How it works

Breeze car rental is essentially a cross between a car dealership and a rental company.

Their team will help you lease a car for a weekly rate with Uber financing.

They lease to those specifically who want to utilize the car to make money, such as Uber drivers.


They’ll even help you apply for jobs such as Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, Postmates, Taskrabbit, etc.


It’s tailored towards people who want to work for these companies but don’t have a vehicle of their own, for whatever reason.

The car is yours, just as if you had leased it from a dealership.

You can drive it whenever you want!

The average person can make up to $1,000 per week even after all fees are paid by utilizing this Uber car rental financing service.

Uber Vehicles: Type & Requirements

Since Breeze is tailored towards customers wanting to make money working for ridesharing and similar services, they only offer the well-known gas-efficient Toyota Prius’ as a Uber vehicles option.


Looking specifically for a Uber car lease?

Breeze is perfect!

Uber car rental financing has never been easier, with a simple application process and flexible lease terms through Breeze.

Their Prius offerings include new and used 2014 and 2015 Prius 2’s and Prius C’s for Uber vehicles.

Breeze Car: How to Apply

The application is pretty simple.

You can apply directly on their website.

Just pay a one-time membership fee, and wait for approval.

Once approved, you’ll receive assistance in choosing an insurance plan.

You’ll also receive assistance in applying for the services you’d like to work for.

Whether you’re specifically looking for a Uber car rental, or you’d like to apply for ridesharing services Lyft and Sidecar, the Breeze team will have you covered.

At this point, you can pick up your car and get started!

Uber Rental: Benefits for Breeze

Easy Return Policy

If you change your mind, don’t fret!

Breeze only requires a two-week notice.

You can return the vehicle without paying any termination fees.

Just make sure to keep the vehicle in its original condition and clear your account balance, and you’re good to go.

Quick Resources: Breeze Terms – Income Opportunities – Breeze Intro Video

High Mileage Allowance

Breeze leases come with a reasonable 30,000 miles/year maximum.

This is perfect considering you’ll be driving for a living.

Even better:  if you go over, you only pay 15 cents per additional mile.

Considering most lease agreements only offer 10,000 miles/year and a charge of 25 cents per additional mile, that’s a deal!

Credit Helper

Utilizing a Breeze car rental can work towards your credit too.

They report weekly lease payments to the major credit bureaus.

Considering that payment history is a massive factor in your credit score, this could really benefit you in the long run.

Low Maintenance Costs

ToyotaCare covereage is included with every lease, which makes maintenance incredibly easy.

Convenience and getting a good deal are the cornerstones of these coverage plans, so you need not worry.

Most of them also cover 24-hour roadside assistance.

You’ll also spend less on gas!

These Prius models get an impressive 51 mpg in the city.

More Than Just Uber Financing

Their Member Support team will help you get set up with jobs for as many services as you’d like.

You can choose those that support your schedule, with as few or as many hours as you want.

Breeze offers help with jobs for ridesharing, delivery services, and miscellaneous task services, among others.

Ridesharing companies include Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar.

Examples of delivery services include Instacart, DoorDash, Postmates, and Caviar.

Miscellaneous task services such as TaskRabbit, Homejoy, Handy, and Washio are also good alternatives to make money.

Breeze Car Rental Team Support


Breeze’s Member Support team is always available for questions or assistance.

They’re available via phone, email, or chat support Monday through Friday from 9am-8pm.

They will assist you from beginning to end, and provide continuous support as you grow with Breeze.

From assistance with the application to guidance throughout the leasing process, they’re here for you.

They will help you to sign up for service jobs that work for you.

Their goal is to maximize your earnings by providing the best schedule and opportunities that fit your needs.

They know these companies inside and out, and can provide detailed support.

Once you’re set up, they can answer any questions you may have in regards to billing, your car, your jobs, or anything else!

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