Using Rideshare During July 4th

This July Fourth, enjoy yourself without worrying about how you’ll get home safely.

Use $20 Lyft Promo Code: GYFT4th


$20 Uber Promo Code: UBERVIP44

Ridesharing is the way to go!

Uber and Sidecar have great promotions going on for the summer holiday, and Lyft will be out and about as well.



The popular ridesharing service Uber will be partnering with well-known Madd, or Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Madd is an organization with the purpose of creating awareness of the issues of drunk driving.

They also stress the importance of having a designated driver.

In addition to drunk driving, Madd also fights against drugged driving and similar safety issues.

For the holiday…

This public service campaign will run nationwide, and will focus on making sure the millions of young people celebrating America’s Independence Day get home safe after the festivities.

The awareness campaign will focus on highlighting the dangers of drunk driving.

It will also remind those celebrating the holiday to ensure a sober driver, whether by using Uber or a friend.


Riders will have an opportunity to donate to Madd.

Donations made during the holiday will be matched by Uber!

If you prefer Sidecar…

The promotion for the holiday will be $7 solo rides from 12-2pm and 6-9pm.

This is good for the entire weekend!

Another option:

Fellow ridesharing service Lyft had partnered with Madd last year during the 4th.


Although they do not have an official promotion specific to this holiday, they also provide a great alternative for a rideshare service after Saturday’s festivities.

Looking to save a little money?

Good news!

There are both Uber promo codes and Lyft promo codes that provide your first ride for free for new users.

If you’re a current user of both services, you can still save.

Both Uber and Lyft have programs designed to allow passengers to share a ride – and the fare.


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