Zipcar Promo Code: On-Demand Car Rental Guide

What Is Zipcar?


Zipcar is a car sharing service that allows people to drive a car on-demand, similar to the way ridesharing works.

You can drive cars by the hour or by the day!

Gas and insurance are included in the cost.

More convenient than traditional methods of renting a car, Zipcar has cars all over the city ready for pick-up.

You can choose your car type from various sedans, vans, hybrids, etc.

Good news!

We’ve gotten ahold of a special Zipcar promo code that will get you $25 off your first car!

Why Do I Need Zipcar?

Save money.

If you use public transit, but occasionally need a car.

If you share a car, you may sometimes require a second car.

Some people – such as independent contractors or freelance workers – may need a car for a specific job.

New business owners can benefit from the use of a car when getting started.

If you don’t own a car, but want to travel, Zipcar is perfect!

Zipcar vs Car Rental


Renting a Car: How Does Zipcar Work?

Once you’ve signed up, make sure to download the mobile app.

It’s simple!

While you’re at it, be sure to take advantage of our $25 Zipcar promo code.

Through the app, you can find, book, and unlock a car.  You can even honk it!


Zipcar will provide a zipcard, which will essentially unlock the cars you choose to use.

Renting a car has never been so easy with the on-demand service, Zipcar.

Zipcar Rates & Plans

Rates will vary based on your city as well as what type of vehicle you choose.

Plans are based on the amount of driving you plan on doing.

They include occasional driving, a monthly driving plan, and extra value plans that are useful if you already know how much you’ll be driving.

Zipcar Promo Code for $25 Coupon Credit


If you’d like to get started, be sure to take advantage of our Zipcar promo code.

You can save on your first car!

The first $25 will be absolutely free.

Valid car rental promo codes are not the easiest thing to find.

Many car rental companies don’t offer and on-demand rental option like Zipcar.

Using rental car promos helps ease the cost of starting out for the first time.

Check out the valid Zipcar promo code for 2015.

How Do I Join Zipcar?


The process is simple!

The application requires just a few steps, including the creation of an online account.

Simply provide your driver’s license information along with a credit card for payments.

Your application will be processed quickly, and then you will receive your zipcard by mail.

You can enter the Zipcar promo code while you wait, ensuring $25 off your first drive.

Then you’re good to go!

You can search by area or by the type of vehicle you’d like to drive.

Zipcar for Universities

Zipcar has a program specifically tailored towards students at universities.

It allows students to take advantage of many of the benefits of owning a car, without the financial strain and the hassle of having a car on campus.

This service helps alleviate congestion within campus parking lots.

There are simple, flexible offers specific to faculty and staff as well as students.

The convenience of Zipcar’s 24-7 self-service is great for students.

Zipcar has cars located around campuses across the country.

Zipcar for Business

Reducing hassle, cost, and waste can benefit your business whether it’s small or large.

Zipcar offers low weekday driving rates for business members.

Cars are parked conveniently all over cities around the country.

You can choose to be billed directly (one credit card for the entire account), or billed individually.

Self-management, monitoring, and organization tools are available at your fingertips online and through the app.

Zipcar for Airports

You can request a car specifically for your trip to and from the airport to keep the process hassle-free.

You are able to make your request via smartphone or online.

As always, gas, insurance, and 180 miles per day are included.

Zipcars are available at a number of airports around the country from west coast to east coast.

They also operate in areas of Canada, Spain, France, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

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